Quality and Testing

Inspection & Testing Facility

Raw material plays the most important role in fasteners for reliability & Durability purpose so that we are using the raw material of OEM approved CHQ quality (VD route) steel mill. For the batter control we have also developed in-house metallurgical lab in which we are doing inspection & testing of product parameters which is necessary for the raw material as well as for finish good.

Each raw-material is being tested for its chemical and physical properties like chemical composition, Hardness and MPI

(magnetic particles test) Tensile test & micro examination (Microstructure, Decarburization, grain size, Inclusion rating) according to standard procedures & as per OEM’s specifications.

We are also having a Micro Vickers Hardness Tester to measure the hardness on thread zone of the bolt after heat treatment.

For the surface treatment control we have a Coating thickness tester to measure the thickness of coating layer & Salt Spray Test

(SST) chamber to evaluate the SST life of surface coating.

We also have necessary instruments which are required for the dimensional inspection & optical sorting machine for 100% dimensional measurement.

For the long life accuracy of the instruments we have developed the standard room in which calibration activities are regularly carried-out for all the instruments & gauges as per the standard procedure & specifications.

Metallurgical Lab

Metallurgical Lab
XRF Unit
Metallurgical Lab
Micro HV Tester
Metallurgical Lab
MPI Machine
Metallurgical Lab
Metallurgical Microscope
Metallurgical Lab
UTM Machine
Metallurgical Lab
SST Chembar
Metallurgical Lab
Plating Thickness Tester
Metallurgical Lab

Dimensional Inspection

Profile Projector
Dimensional Inspection
Dimensional Inspection
Dimensional Inspection
Dimensional Inspection
Eddy Current Sorting Machine
Dimensional Inspection
Optical Sorting Machine
Dimensional Inspection
Device Description Range Qty.
Spectrometer MS / CS / LAS (19 Elements) 1
Tensile Machine 200 KN & 600 KN 2
Metallurgical Microscope 1000X 1
Microvickers Hardness Tester 10Gm. - 2Kg. 1
MPI Ø80X300 mm 1
Sterio Zoom Microscope 40x 2
Vickers Hardness Tester 0 - 50 Kgf 1
Rockwell Hardness Tester (Scale-C) 0 - 100 HRC 5
Rockwell Hardness Tester (Scale-B) 0 - 100 HRB 1
Sault Spray Test Chamber 800 X 500 X 500 1
Coating Thickness Tester 0-1000 µ 2
Torque Tester 8 - 1000 N.m. 5
Profile Projector Ø500, Ø300, Ø250 mm 3
Eddy Current Sorting Machine For Heat Treated Fasteners 2
XRF Unit For Thread Zone Plating & Plating Bath Validation 1
Torque Tensioner Unit (for COF) M6 - M24 1
Optical Shortening Machine 4M - M12 x 110 3