Spherodise Annealing

For the better formability of material during cold forging we have developed in-house spherodized annealing process which is programmable & automatically controlled by controller.

Wire Draw

To achieve the required size of wire for cold forging we have developed the in-house wire draw process along with the set-up of acid pickling & coil Phosphating.

Cold Forging

We have a high speed & extra long bolt formers with multi stations to produce special fasteners like Hub Bolts, CR Bolts, flange bolt, Round head square neck bolt, etc.

Also We have a capability to design the carbide toolings for standard fasteners as well as special fasteners & robust tracebility system for the same.


Modernized machine operation set-up is well equipped with CNC & VMC turning centres which ensure high accuracy & precision.

And for conventional operations like grooving, slotting, drilling & Pointing we have a special purpose machines as well as lathes, drills, slotting machines, milling machines etc...

Centre Less Grinding

To Control the Ra value in special fasteners like Connecting rod bolt we have a line-up of centre less grinding machines having accuracy within 10 μ.

Thread Rolling

We have well equipped in-house thread rolling shop having automatic tangential thread rolling machines equipped with an auto loading & unloading conveyor system.

We also have a line-up of circular thread rolling machines for the special & extra long threaded fasteners having thread rolling after heat treatment.

Performance basically requires conducing environment to proliferate. We have paid utmost attention for creating a pool of insightful minds and skilled hands, while providing the both a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The collective effort with best technology at their disposal is bounded to yield desired results.

Special Processes

Heat Treatment

Regarding part performance, reliability & durability we have developed in-house heat treatment facility. which covers two continuous mesh belt heat treatment furnace having accuracy 2-3 HRC.

For the better process control we have also installed the "SCADA" (Supervisory control and data acquisition ) in both of the set-ups.

Surface Treatment

To provide the Corrosion resistance during part application into different weather condition as well as to fulfill the asthetic aspects of the customers we have in-house platting as well as phosphating plant.

Platting process plant is having fully automatic & semi automatic setup as well.

Hydrogen De-embrittlement

Hydrogen embrittlement is a phenomenon that causes loss of ductility into high strength material having platting as a surface treatment, thus making it brittle.

To remove the hydrogen from the surface of the fasteners we are doing hydrogen de-embrittlement process immediate after platting OR Phosphating with continuous conveyor type backing furnace.

Processes Machinery Name Max. Capacity Qty.
Spherodise Annealing Bell Furnace 12 Tons Per Day 04
Wire Draw Wire Draw Machine 30 Tons Per Day 06
Cold Forging (Bolt) Bolt Former M4x8 to M20x210 17
Cold Forging (Nut) Nut Former (Six Station) M6 to M16 04
Machining CNC Machine + VMC Machines 200 mm 21 + 01
Centre Less Grinding Centre less Grinding Machines M30 08
Thread Rolling Flat Threading Machines
Circular Threading Machines
Nylon Assembly Nylon Assembly Machine M8 + M16 03
Tapping multi Spindle Tapping Machine M8 + M16 10
Heat Treatment Continuous Heat Treatment Furnace Hardening
Tempering Furnace
20 Tons Per Day
05 Tons Per Day
02 + 04
Surface Treatment Fully Automatic Platting Plant
Semi Automatic Platting Plant
Phosphating Plant
14 Tons Per Day
10 Tons Per Day
10 Tons Per Day
Stress Reliving Continuous Mesh Belt Furance 10 Tons Per Day 01